Tennille L. Smalls

The Program Director

Tennille L. Smalls holds a Master Degree in Management and Organization Leadership, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Service. Tennille has over 15 years of experience working with families, children and professionals within various educational settings.

In early 2016, Tennille started Gentle Hands Academy Daycare as a CT State Licensed Family Child Care Provider in her home that operated to accommodate working parents 24 hours each day Monday-Saturday.

As a firm believer in continued education, Tennille completed several training courses and classes in Early Childhood Education (ECE).

Tennille strives to remain innovative by constantly creating an environment where infants, toddlers, and school age children will be educated, thrive and continually grow in a fun, safe environment.

She is passionately and personally invested in the children that will shape our future.

Martinha Goncalves

Assistant Program Director

Martina holds a Masters Degree in Theology Studies. She has over 20 years of experience in the health and human service field working with individuals of all ages. Martinha is a State Licensed Child Care Provider with the Office of Early Childhood.

She is also a State Licensed Certified Nurse Assistant and a Professional State Licensed Livery Driver to provide professional transportation services for our children. Martinha completed several training courses and (ECE) Early Childhood Education classes in an effort to effectively teach others to understand how to educate and nurture infants, toddlers and school aged children.

Marthinha is a devoted leader, a nurturing child care provider and has a heart to serve the children of our tomorrow.

Carla Leon

Director of Program Operations

Carla joined our team as a leader with over 12 years of experience working with children and families. She is extremely motivational and encouraging. Carla brings a wealth of information aboard ranging from project planning, managing, marketing, as well as effectively directing and coordinating important program events.

Carla maintains our programs important documents including keeping files updated on each staff and every child in our program.

Carla ensures that all health records, immunizations and any other regulated policies and procedures are updated.

Carla is a very nurturing, compassionate leader with a unique skill set that adds strength and extra security to our program.

Gentle Hands Academy Daycare

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